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my name is Kandace Kirkwood, founder and opera-
tor of White Gloved Concierge Services. I have always had
an entrepreneurial spirit about myself since I was a child. I
have always had dreams of one day owning my own
business. I didn’t exactly know in what direction I should go,
so I decided to attend Arkansas State University, where I
graduate with my Bachelor's in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. While going through my coursework and internships, I found that I loved helping people! I thought to myself, how amazing would it be if I could be a personal assistant to someone? Using all the skills I have learned and acquired during my four years at A-State, I could help others make their lives that much more easier. After a massive brain-
storming party, White Gloved Concierge Services was born!

Why limit myself to being only one person’s go to girl? Why
not make the luxury of having a personal assistant available
to all economic classes? It is a passion that’s so close to my
heart. A long time ago, I learn about myself that I don’t have
to be center stage to feel accomplished. Working behind the
scenes, making sure projects or tasks go off without a hitch
is reward enough. I love helping others let their light shine! I
am driven, creative, and people-loving and I can’t wait to meet
you and begin to help you create more hours in your day!

With Love,

Kandace Kirkwood

The Concierge

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